Episode 53: Clinical unknown Dr. Paul Sax – Cough & Rash

Episode 52: Spaced Learning Series – Fever and Rash

Episode 51: Human Dx unknown with Rabih & Jefferson residents – Drs. Redfield & Dikdan – Fever, rash and joint pain

Episode 50: Human Dx unknown with Reza, Zaven & Baylor/Hopkins residents – Drs. Birnbaum & Varghese – Fever and Orthopnea

Episode 49: Clinical unknown with Drs. Saman Nematollahi and Jennifer Babik – Fever and headache

Episode 48 : Congestive Heart Failure – HFrEF with Dr. Amit Goyal

Episode 47: Spaced Learning Series – Altered Mental Status and Hypercalcemia

Episode 46: Human Dx Unknown with Rabih and UAB residents Drs. Shipley & Urquiaga – Anorexia and cough

Episode 45: Human Dx Unknown with Reza and SLU residents Drs. Hendrickson Bteich – Night sweats and weight loss

Episode 44: Clinical unknown with Dr. Casey McQuade, Reza, and Rabih – Fatigue, arm pain and weakness

Episode 43: Chest Pain

Episode 42: Human Dx Unknown with Drs. Valilis, Kaizer and Reza – Rash and weight gain

Episode 41: Human Dx Clinical unknown with student Dr. Levine, Dr. Rice, and Rabih – Fever, pharyngitis, & dyspnea

Episode 40: Clinical unknown with Dr. Chris Jackson and Rabih – Dyspnea and thigh pain

Episode 39: Supraventricular Tachycardia with Dr. Zaven Sargsyan

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Episode 38: Clinical Unknown with Drs. Rubio and Hollander – Acute abdominal pain

Episode 37: Clinical Unknown with Dr. Kwan, Dan, and Rabih – Diplopia

Episode 36: Clinical Unknown with Drs. Desai, Zarin-Pass, and Olson – Neuropathy

Episode 35: Clinical Unknown with Sharmin, Arsalan, and Reza – Syncope

Episode 34: Clinical Unknown with Drs. Le, Han, and Rabih – Difficulty walking + Nausea

Episode 33: Clinical Unknown with Dr. Emily Silverman and Reza – Lymphedema and Dyspnea

Episode 32: Clinical Unknown with Drs. Malevanchik and Winston – Cirrhosis + Dyspnea – Part 2

Episode 31: Clinical Unknown with Drs. Malevanchik and Winston – Cirrhosis + Dyspnea – Part 1

Episode 30: Anion gap metabolic acidosis

Episode 29: Clinical Unknown with Dan and Rabih – Human Dx Project – Abdominal pain + fevers

Episode 28: Clinical Unknown with Hannah and Reza – Human Dx Project – Abdominal pain + intractable vomiting

Episode 27: Clinical Unknown with Arsalan and Sharmin – Human Dx Project – CLL + abdominal pain

Episode 26: Clinical Unknown – Drs. Eckenrode & Centor present to Reza & Rabih – Chest pain and anemia

Episode 25: Hypokalemia

Episode 24: Clinical Unknown with Drs. Katie Sullivan and Sarah Goglin – COPD + chest pain

Episode 23: Clinical Unknown with Hannah Abrams + Human Dx Project – Edema + AKI

Episode 22: Clinical Unknown with Hannah Abrams + Human Dx Project – Subacute fevers + AKI

Episode 21: Intrarenal AKI with Dr. Daniel Restrepo

Episode 20: Clinical unknown with Drs. Tom Goslinga and Bob Centor – Abdominal pain and weight loss

Episode 19: Eosinophilia

Episode 18: Clinical Unknown with Drs. Bryan Broderick and Zafia Anklesaria – Dyspnea and cough

Episode 17: Clinical Unknown with Human Dx Project – Chest pain + Night sweats

Episode 16: Clinical Unknown with Human Dx Project – Chest pain + Dyspnea

Episode 15: Clinical Unknown with Human Dx Project – Chest pain

Episode 14: Hemolytic anemia

Episode 13: Clinical Unknown with Rabih – Localizing a fever

Episode 12: Syncope with Dr. Sherman

Episode 11: Clinical Unknown with Reza – Fever and rash

Episode 10: Abdominal Pain

Episode 9: Clinical Unknown with Dr. Dhaliwal – Rash and edema

Episode 8: Clinical Unknown with Dr. Centor – Hypercalcemia

Episode 7: Hypercalcemia

Episode 6: Clinical Unknown with Rabih – Raynaud’s Syndrome

Episode 5: Jaundice

Episode 4: Clinical Unknown with Rabih – Splenomegaly

Episode 3: Clinical Unknown with Reza – Fever in a Returning Traveler

Episode 2: Hyponatremia

Episode 1: Altered Mental Status