Episode 36 – Clinical unknown with Drs. Desai, Zarin-Pass, and Olson – Neuropathy

Episode description

Rabih presents a Human Diagnosis Project  case to an outstanding team from the University of Minnesota  — Drs. Brinda Desai, Margot Zarin-Pass, and Andrew Olson.

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Human Dx case link: https://bit.ly/2X41TxR

Dr. Brinda Desai

Brinda Desai is a 4th year Med-Peds Resident at the University of Minnesota who will be the next Med-Peds chief. Her professional interests include: clinical medicine in the ICU, social determinants of health, congenital pediatric diseases surviving into adulthood, and advocating for women in medicine. In her free time, she is obsessed with Bollywood dance, bouldering, yoga with the intent to find ultimate zen, and exploring new places through local food and music!

Dr. Margot Zarin-Pass

Margot Zarin-Pass graduated from UCSF School of Medicine and is now a third year resident in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota. Her career interests include transitions of care between pediatric and adult medicine as well as medical education. In her free time, she hangs out with her wife and toddler son, who is getting new skills and stronger opinions every day. 

Dr. Andrew Olson

Andrew Olson is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He grew up on a farm in Iowa and then attended medical school at the University of California, Davis, did an internship in medicine at UCSF, and then residency in Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota.  A hospitalist, his work focuses on improving diagnostic performance through education as well as educational approaches to teach clinical reasoning.  He is the co-chair of the Education Section of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine.