Episode 179: Neurology VMR – Headache and blurry vision

Description: We continue our campaign to #EndNeurophobia led by Aaron Berkowitz! This time, Doug presents a case of headache and blurry vision to Hannah and Dhruv.

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Dhruv Srinivasachar

Dhruv Srinivasachar is a soon-to-be 1st year Medicine-Pediatrics resident at Western Michigan University and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (the Medical College of Virginia for all the veteran attendings out there). Introduced to medicine through research, Dhruv has shifted his passions to empathetic clinical care and medical education, as a contributor to the CPSolvers (especially through VMR as a case presenter, discussant, and compiler of cases) and team member for the Not Just Little Adults podcast (CPedsSolvers, if you will). When he’s not looking for apartments or stressing about intern year, he can be found biking, gardening, and cooking.

Hannah Roberts

Hannah is currently finishing medical school in Arizona with plans for emergency medicine. She graduated from the US Naval Academy and completed active duty before starting med school. Her interests in medicine include nuclear weapons safety, medical education, and clinical applications of evolutionary biology. Outside of medicine she is a dog person and loves being outside mountain biking, running, and camping.

Doug Pet

Doug Pet is a resident in neurology at UCSF. He grew up surrounded by cow farms and crab-apple trees in New Milford, CT. He completed a dual-degree program at Tufts and the New England Conservatory studying medical anthropology, community health, and jazz saxophone. He later worked for a non-profit in Berkeley, CA on bioethical and social justice issues related to genetic and reproductive technologies. Doug attended Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, after which he returned to the Bay Area for neurology residency at UCSF. He loves Brazilian music, playing Spike ball, and making custom wooden pens on his lathe.

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