Episode 211: Neuro VMR – Episodic transient loss of consciousness

We continue our campaign to #EndNeurophobia, with the help of Dr. Aaron Berkowitz. This time, Maria presents a case of episodic transient loss of consciousness to Gabriel and Ravi.

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Maria Jimena Aleman

Maria Jimena Aleman was born and raised in Guatemala where she currently is a medical student in Universidad Francisco Marroquin. After suffering from long standing neurophobia, she has embraced her love for neurology and will pursue a career in this field. She also looks forward to dedicating her life to breaking barriers for Latin women in medical fields and improving medical care in her country. Maria is one of the creators of a medical education podcast in Spanish called Intratecal. Her life probably has a soundtrack of a mix between Shakira and Louis Armstrong. Outside of medicine she enjoys modern art, 21st century literature and having hour long conversations over a nice hot cup of coffee or tequila.

Gabriel Talledo

Gabriel is a MS2 student from Cayetano Heredia University. When it comes to medicine, he enjoys dermatology, infectiology, and LGBTQ+ health. He fell in love with his career when he understood medicine not just as a concept of knowledge but a combination of knowledge and social justice pursuit. He loves cooking Peruvian cuisine (one of the best in the world), eating, jogging and watching TV series. Recently he is doing a transgender education program at his university and a volunteering of sexual education in Lima schools.

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