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Episode 269: Neurology VMR – Headache and altered mental status

We continue our campaign to #EndNeurophobia, with the help of Dr. Aaron Berkowitz. This time,Valeria presents a case of headache and altered mental status to Joy and Mattia.

Neurology DDx Schema



Valeria Roldán


Valeria is a medical student at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. She was born and lives in Lima, Perú. She hopes to pursue Neurology residency. Her interests include neuro-infectious diseases, transgender health and medical education. Her work with CPSolvers involves being a part of the Virtual Morning Report team and serving on the Spanish schemas team. Outside of Medicine she loves running, hiking, cooking pasta and spending time with her dogs.


Joy Glanton


 Joy is a neuro enthusiast who has completed her neuroscience undergrad and medical studies in the Philippines. She is passionate about neurology and believes “the brain is everything; it’s what makes us who we are.” She is hoping to match into Neurology in 2023, and is currently in NYC completing clinical externships/rotations in neurology. Post residency, she aspires to do translational/clinical research work or pursue a career in academic/general neurology. Joy enjoys running, swimming, literary art, debates in neuroscience, and listening to rock and roll and classical music.


Mattia Rosso


Mattia Rosso is a neurology resident at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, South Carolina. He is interested in movement disorders, behavioral neurology, and autoimmune neurology. He is also passionate about the intersection between the humanities and medicine. He started a Neurohumanities group at MUSC, which meets monthly and features internal and guest speakers. This group focuses on the role of the Arts, Cinema, Literature, Philosophy, and Music in medicine and neurosciences. Outside work, he enjoys photography, cinema, and discovering new music. Since starting residency, the Clinical Problem Solvers have been an irreplaceable source of learning and inspiration.