Episode 281: The Consult Question #8 – Pancytopenia and Rash

Dr. Vipul Kumar presents a fascinating case of pancytopenia and rash to guest discussant, Dr. Anand Patel. 
Dr. Vipul Kumar MD PhD is a hematology-oncology fellow at UCSF. He is currently in his second year of fellowship and has a clinical interest in oncology of all forms as well as a passion for teaching. 
Dr. Anand Patel is an assistant professor of medicine at University of Chicago where he treats patients with leukemia and myeloid malignancies. He also serves as medical director of the inpatient leukemia service. His research focuses on the development of clinical trials to help improve the standard of care for patients with high risk leukemias and myeloid malignancies.
Twitter: @Anand_88_Patel