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Patreon exclusive: RLR 106_Headache

We cannot wait to share the new RLR website with you as our time on Patreon is coming to an end. The website is our dream project. You will be notified once the website is up before anyone else. We are a few weeks away!!! 

And remember to reach out to us if there are any issues regarding refunds from Patreon as you cancel your annual subscriptions. It is very important to us that each of you are 100% satisfied with RR. 

We hope you will continue to follow us and support our work once the new website is up and running. None of this is possible without you. We are so grateful for your support. For now, keep your monthly $5 Patreon subscription active b/c we are uploading audio as usual until the new website is up and running.

We will be offering so much more on the website. We think you will love it.

Enjoy this episode. We hope you don’t get a headache listening to it!!!



This episode is available on Patreon only.


More about the RLR series here. 

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