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Episode 127: WDx special episode with Mel Fellay, Zari Zahra & CPSolvers

Zari Zahra, Mel Fellay, LindseyEmma, and Sharmin discuss gender biases through stories.

Want to learn more about Women in Diagnosis (WDx) series?

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Melanie Fellay

Melanie Fellay is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spekit, the leading in-app learning and digital enablement companion that helps employees learn their tools and navigate process changes by accessing training resources in real-time, everywhere they work. Founded in 2018, Melanie and co-founder and former colleague, Zari Zahra, created Spekit to address the pain points they felt around driving adoption and continuous training that many Enablement and Operations leaders feel as well by bringing the sophistication of a modern digital adoption platform with the simplicity of a contextual knowledge base.

She’s a Salesforce and BizOps enthusiast with expertise in leading operations and success teams, thinking at scale and architecting Salesforce solutions. In her role, Melanie oversees the sales, marketing, customer success, and corporate development teams at Spekit. Melanie graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Accounting & Finance. In her free time, Mel enjoys seeing Odesza at Red Rocks, exploring less-traveled corners of the earth and escaping it all through meditation.

Zari Zahra

Zari is a Pakistani-American Harvard MBA, an experienced Product Manager and builder of web and mobile apps for Pandora, SquareTrade, RealtyShares and Rakuten. Today, she is the Chief Product and Technology Officer and Co-founder of Spekit, the leading Salesforce adoption and contextual learning platform for growing orgs. Zari oversees all product and engineering departments, including a team office located in Karachi, Pakistan. 

In her free time, Zari spends time listening to audio books and spending time with her husband and mini-goldendoodle Rumi.

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