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Episode 305: Neurology VMR – Shallow Breathing

Episode 305: Neurology VMR – Shallow breathing

Episode description: We continue our campaign to #EndNeurophobia, with the help of Dr. Aaron Berkowitz. This time, Vaness presents a case of shallow breathing to Maria and Sridhara.

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Vanessa Roque


Vanessa, a proud Filipino through and through, has dedicated herself to medicine. She has been serving her countrymen since earning her medical degree. Practicing in areas of limited resources, she has sharpened her clinical eye allowing her to realize her passion for neurology where localizing lesions is as intellectually stimulating and satisfying as a daily crossword puzzle. Her interests include cognitive neurology, vascular neurology, and neurocritical care. A true “jill of all trades”, she is always down for a new adventure. She has explored dance and theater, film and photography, various musical instruments, different languages, and swimming. At home, you are most likely to find her in the kitchen preparing your new favorite meal


Maria Jimena Aleman


María Jimena Alemán was born and raised in Guatemala where she currently works in community and rural health care. After suffering from long standing neurophobia, she has embraced her love for neurology and will pursue a career in this field. She looks forward to dedicating her life to breaking barriers for Latin women in medical fields and improving medical care in her country. Maria is one of the creators of a medical education podcast in Spanish called Intratecal. Her life probably has a soundtrack of a mix between Shakira and Ella Fitzgerald. Outside of medicine, she enjoys modern art, 21st century literature, and having hour-long conversations over a nice hot cup of coffee or tequila.

Sridhara Yaddanapudi



Sridhara is a board-certified internist, neurologist, vascular neurologist, and hypertension specialist. Currently, he holds the position of Clinical Assistant Professor at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and serves as the Director of Neurology for Jefferson New Jersey.

As a medical professional, he is passionate about case-based learning, clinical reasoning, and teaching decision-making while avoiding the pitfalls of heuristics. His goal is to bridge the ever-growing gap between neurology and internal medicine, an area in which he has a keen interest.


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