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Gabriel Talledo's Scholarship

Nobody deserves to be unhappy because of their identity. 

In loving memory of Gabriel Talledo (1999 – 2022), a Peruvian medical student, LGTBQIA+ rights advocate, ID, and Derm enthusiast, and a kind and brave human being.  



You can listen to his story, narrated by him, here

And his favourite song Lucky, by Britney Spears, here

I remember Gabriel as an unconditionally kind, brave, and humble human.  -Madellena Conte


He was such an amazing human with such passion. I was consistently amazed and challenged by Gabriel to be a better person and clinician. He will be profoundly missed.  – Ann Marie Kumfer 


His laughter, kindness, enthusiasm, and love for medicine were in abundance. We will miss him dearly. – RR


Gabri was a kind and passionate colleague and friend, but overall he was an outstanding human being.  – Kiara Camacho 


I still remember that how Gabriel will be always smiling when in screen, a happy and kind soul. So passionate for medicine, dermatology, ID, and just a perfect friend to have. – Kirtan Patolia 



Every year, a 2,000$ scholarship will be awarded to a young medical student in hopes of financially helping them achieve their dreams.

For more information on the application for the 2023 scholarship, click here