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Episode 251: WDx #18 – Setbacks in Medicine: “I thought I was alone”

In this episode, Dr. Ashley McMullen, Dr. Simone Vais, and Jane Lock share stories of setbacks in medicine related to the theme, “I thought I was alone.” Session moderated by Madellena Conte.

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Ashley McMullen

Dr. Ashley McMullen is an assistant professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and a primary care internist based at the San Francisco VA Hospital. She is also a Houston, TX native and lifelong book nerd, who grew up nurtured by her mother, a pediatric nurse, and grandmother, an ordained minister. Dr. McMullen’s work focuses on the role of narrative and storytelling in medical education, and as a mechanism for healing, advocacy, and improving care across differences. She served as the host and producer of The Nocturnists: Black Voices in Healthcare Series, a 2021 Webby Award Honoree, and recently launched a new story-telling podcast with Dr. Kimberly Manning called, The Human Doctor.


Jane Lock

Jane Lock is an MD/PhD candidate at Boston University School of Medicine, currently in her M4 year applying into internal medicine. She was born in Malaysia and grew up in Taiwan before moving to the US for college and medical school. She has a strong interest in oncology research, particularly in mechanisms of DNA damage and repair in cancer. Her PhD thesis was focused on understanding alternative telomere maintenance mechanisms in osteosarcoma. She is also passionate about teaching and improving medical education. Outside of work and studying, she loves being the cool aunt to her 2 year old nephew, reading, crocheting and watching The Office with her husband.


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