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Episode 307: Rafael Medina Subspecialty Series – Fever and Chills

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In this Infectious Disease Rafael Medina Subspecialty Episode, Dr. Navila Sharif presents a case to Dr. Natasha Spottiswoode of a patient presenting for fevers and chills.


Session facilitator: Youssef Saklawi

The goal of this series is to provide greater access to subspecialty, primary care, and internal medicine-adjacent specialty education for learners worldwide. For those interested in participating as a case presenter or discussant (or to nominate an educator or attending), the nomination form is available here. 


Case Discussant: Natasha Spottiswoode, MD, PHD

Natasha is a fellow in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of California, San Francisco. Her interests include the use of combined host-pathogen metagenomics to diagnose and treat critically ill patients, and the development of better treatments for patients with rare infectious syndromes. She also loves climbing, trail running and backcountry skiing.



Case Presenter: Navila Sharif, MD

Navila is a second year internal medicine resident at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. She is passionate about health equity and advocacy, and is interested in general hospital medicine and gastroenterology, with a keen interest in transplant hepatology. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring coffee shops, binging reality TV, and any hike with the promise of a view.

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