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Episode 117: Human dx unknown with Sharmin and Baylor residents – Leg weakness and difficulty swallowing

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Dr. Krishan Sharma presents a Human Dx case to Sharmin & Baylor residents – Drs. Iqbal and Rana.

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Cyrus Iqbal

Cyrus is a PGY-3 internal medicine resident at Baylor College of Medicine. He loves sports, hip-hop, exploring new restaurants and coffee shops, and writing. He’s an aspiring hematologist/oncologist with a passion for medical education.

Ruchit Rana

Ruchit Rana is currently a third-year internal medicine resident at Baylor College of Medicine. Ruchit completed medical school at Baylor College of Medicine. He has a passion for practicing and improving medical education at all levels. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and baking dishes across all ethnicities and maintaining his multiple freshwater aquariums at home. He is a proud co-founder of the Schema Squad alongside his co-resident, Cyrus Iqbal.

Krishan Sharma

Krishan Sharma is currently an internal medicine resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. He earned his medical degree at Harvard Medical School, where he also pursued a Masters in Medical Sciences in medical education. His academic interests include cardiology, critical care, and clinical reasoning. His hobbies include basketball, drumming, and entering spice eating competitions.