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Without Sanctuary

Without Sanctuary Perspective Piece Authors: S Michelle Ogunwole See publication here

Left Out in the Cold

Left Out in the Cold Clinical reasoning case Authors: Justin Berk, Andrew Pj Olson, Rabih M Geha, Anand Patel, Reza Manesh See publication here

Medical Communities Go Virtual

Medical Communities Go Virtual Perspective piece Authors: Daniel J Minter, Anand Patel, Smitha Ganeshan, Saman Nematollahi See publication here

Paraneoplastic Thrombocytopenia

Paraneoplastic Thrombocytopenia Clinical reasoning case Authors: Vasilios Kalas, Cecelia Johnson-Sasso, Elizabeth G Morency, Peng Ji, Reza Manesh, Anand A Patel See publication here

A striking dichotomy

A striking dichotomy Clinical reasoning case Authors: Nicholas J. Thomas BA, Sharmin Shekarchian MD, Meredith A. Bock MD,Brandon B. Holmes MD, PhD, Rabih M. Geha MD, Maulik P. Shah MD, MHS See publication here