Meeting – Join Live

Meeting Information

If you want to join us live, e-mail us at

Please include proof of your link to medicine to help ensure future meetings are not hacked.

What “counts” as proof of a link to medicine?

1. Email from an academic (i.e “.edu” or academic health system) account

2. A photo of a hospital/clinic ID, student ID, diploma or certificate in medicine

3. A link to an academic website were your status as a student/trainee/faculty can be verified.

What will you receive?

1. A link to every morning report – each day has a different link

2. A schedule of future virtual morning reports

E-mailed us, but haven’t received a link?

1. First, please check your spam/quarantine folder.

Unfortunately, some servers route the e-mail there.

2. If that doesn’t work, e-mail us again, and we can troubleshoot!