The RLR series

Where can I access these episodes?

You can find them on Patreon

What are these episodes?

RLR – a palindrome that stands for both Reza loves Rabih and Rabih loves Reza is a new CPSolvers series where Reza and Rabih take the same case-based conversations they have all the time, record them, and put them out there in the world.

They are fully unscripted, spontaneous and meant to reflect authentic conversations that these two diagnostic enthusiasts have all the time.

We will plan to release an average of one RLR episode per month (our typical episode frequency)  on our usual (free) platform but will have many more episodes behind a paywall.

Wait…why are the rest behind a paywall?

Reza and Rabih explain in this short video.


  • We will release 1 RLR episode for free at our usual frequency of an average of 1 per month.
    • This will feature on the usual podcast platform
  • We will work hard to make > 5 RLR episodes/month available to generate financial support towards the CPSolvers mission.
    • This will feature behind a paywall on Patreon

What will this cost?

For a minimum of $5/month, you will receive a > 5 RLR episodes/month.

Where can I find these exclusive episodes?

These additional episodes will be available on Patreon.

What do these episodes sound like?

Here are some prior examples:

Episode 88: RLR #4 – Transient loss of consciousness

Episode 87: RLR #3 – Scrotal Pain

Episode 84: RLR #2 – Hoarseness

Episode 83: RLR #1 – Lymphadenopathy