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CPC App – Diagnosis Browser

  1. Finding cases where my patient’s diagnosis was discussed

Often I will know the diagnosis of my patient and want to read/learn from a case where that diagnosis was discussed (but was not the final diagnosis). This app allows me to find cases with varying degrees of similarity to my case, based on how often my case’s diagnosis was discussed. I can then read and learn from a case where my case’s diagnosis was on the differential, but maybe not the right answer, again allowing for synergistic learning.

  1. What else should I be thinking of?

Often I’ll think I know the diagnosis of a patient and want to know: If I think this is the likely diagnosis, what other diagnoses should I at least consider. By searching for my diagnosis and seeing the final diagnoses of what cases come up, I can trigger my brain to think of other possibilities that often present similarly to my case, avoiding anchoring.

  1. Learning the variation of presentations of a disease

Some diseases can present in a wide variety of ways. By searching by discussed diagnosis and reading this cases as a group, you can get a quick sense of all the ways a specific disease process can present and evolve, which gives you a deep understanding of the potential clinical manifestations of a case.