Ever get to the end of a CPSers episode and find yourself rewinding to listen to important points over and over again? Us too! 

That’s why we’re launching a new blog from the Clinical Problem Solvers!

We hope for this to serve as a space where we can further explore the many clinical, diagnostic, and educational pearls discussed on the podcast, as well as highlight some of the off-air content that we’ve been busy working on. 

If you’re new to our site, or just need a refresher, here’s a brief overview of what you can find.

Schemas: We highlight approaches for various clinical syndromes discussed on the podcast. We’ve also put together accompanying videos that serve as a guide for many of them. 

Illness-scripts: Want a refresher on histoplasmosis or granulomatosis with polyangiitis? We’ve got you covered with concise, easily-digestible illness-scripts that cover the essentials of the various disease entities discussed on-air.

Tweetorials: If you haven’t already, you might want to check out @CPSolvers on Twitter. There, we periodically release informative cases and teaching points, commonly referred to as “tweetorials”. They’re collected here on our website as well for your convenience.

During this new season, we hope to use this blog to highlight some new ventures as well:  

  • A clinical reasoning terminology primer
  • Expanded commentary on specific Illness scripts
  • New schemas not highlighted in the podcast 
  • Discussion of the on-air clinical teasers
  • Expanded teaching points from our tweetorials and emails
  • And much more – we’re still trying to figure this out 🙂 

So, fellow clinical problem solvers, we look forward to learning with you during this new season! Stay tuned for more!