Zoom Updates


We are incredibly sorry and saddened by the disruption of the last few meetings. Luckily the brightness of this world outshines its darkness by magnitudes.

We discussed the issue with a cybersecurity expert. We are optimistic that futures sessions will not be hacked. However, in the event that this occurs again we have a back-up plan through a secure VPN platform.


Our response to mitigate such disruptions includes:

1.     Not sharing the Zoom link (with embedded password) publicly

2.     Generating a new Meeting ID and Password for each session, which can be found on our website ~10 minutes before the start of the session

3.     We have disabled annotation, private messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing. Only host and co-host can share their screen

4.     We will LOCK the session 3 minutes after the start time of the meeting. No one can join after the session is locked.

5.     Participants can only enter through their Zoom affiliated email address.

6.     There will be an anonymous Waiting Room before the session starts