Morning Report – Background and Format

The format

There are two different formats of presentation, both will be 30-40 minutes.

Spontaneous morning report


4 times a week

What will it look like?

We will NOT preselect a case.

Instead, a member of the audience volunteers to present a case that the rest of are blinded to.

Reza and Rabih will facilitate a discussion with the crowd.

They will jot down the case details on a virtual white board.

Prepared morning report


Once a week

What will it look like?

A prepared case and a pre-selected case facilitator will facilitate the conversation. 

We’ll have a select group of “active participants” (the number unfortunately limited due to technological limitations of these virtual meetings), who will take turns responding to the case. 

Separately, we’ll have an “audience” at these reports that will be unable to respond verbally, but will have the opportunity to interact with the case through live polling and instant messaging. 

A CPSolvers member will monitor the audience messages and have the opportunity to highlight notable contributions to the whole group. 


We’re aiming to fill the educational gaps inevitably caused by this pandemic. To effectively do so, we would love your feedback and thoughts on these virtual reports. Please don’t hesitate to tweet your thoughts to @CPSolvers or email us at