Rabih Geha

Rabih was born in Lebanon, and grew up mostly in Pakistan before coming to the US to attend Boston College and then Brown for medical school. He completed residency and chief residency at UCSF. An avid soccer fan, he plans his weekends around watching soccer. He also enjoys relaxing getaways with his wife, and high school sweetheart, Zari.

Rabih splits his time between the Emergency Room and the inpatient teaching wards. His primary interests are in medical education and clinical reasoning. Within diagnosis, Rabih enjoys creating diagnostic schemas; this interest in crafting logical solutions dates back to the good old days of high school math, most of which he learned from his dad (also pictured).


IMG_6785.JPGSharmin Shekarchian

Sharmin was born and raised in Iran before moving to the Bay Area. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she attended UCSF medical school. She is currently a third year Internal Medicine resident at UCSF and will be one of the inpatient chief residents next year. After residency, Sharmin is planning to be a hospitalist and to pursue a career in medical education. Her interests include clinical reasoning and curriculum design.

Sharmin is an avid tennis and soccer fan and loves traveling and spending time with family and friends. She knows every episode of Friends by heart, thinks there is never a bad time to drink coffee and she’s a big fan of a good laugh.


Arsalan Derakhshan

Arsalan was born in Iran and moved to Atlanta, Georgia as a young child. He loves to travel and considers himself a global citizen. He earned a BS/MS in Biology from Emory University and graduated from the Medical College of Georgia. He is currently a 3rd year resident in Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital

He is pursuing a career in medical education and enjoys working with medical students and interns in helping them find their passions. His primary interests include clinical reasoning, delivery of medical education, health disparities, physician burnout, and medical innovations.

He enjoys listening to hip-hop, drinking tea, meeting new people, and having lively discussions with friends. He dislikes ticking clocks, the idea of skipping leg day, and how much air is in a bag of potato chips.


Reza Manesh

Reza was born in Tehran, and grew up mostly in Pittsburgh. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and completed internal medicine residency at UCSF.

He works as a hospitalist, primarily taking care of patients with medical students and residents.

Reza’s passions include lifting heavy weights, eating at chipotle, and studying at coffee shops. His life hero is his grandfather. His ultimate goal is to share his excitement and love of clinical problem-solving with others.