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"In teaching diagnostic reasoning, there’s no more valuable tool than @CPSolvers."
Bob Wachter, MD
Chair, UCSF Department of Medicine

We teach medicine from the lens of a diagnostician with tools of the 21st century – podcast, Twitter, YouTube, live virtual cases and smartphone, focusing on diagnosis, the defining procedure in medicine. 

Our mission is to democratize the teaching of diagnostic reasoning. We are proud that anyone with internet is able to access all our schemas.

To facilitate the growth of our work, we would like to offer additional features to your learners.

In the process of teaching diagnosis, we also inject excitement and joy for medicine, which is key to preventing burnout (see YouTube video). We have no competitors in this domain and cost significantly less than institutional access to MKSAP or NEJM Knowledge+. We do not focus on standardized exams but rather critical thinking, practical skills, and joy in medicine.

UCSF (via DOM) was the first institution to sign up for the premier package.

We look forward to your sponsorship and partnership with @CPSolvers. 

Rabih and Reza, @CPSolvers Co-Founders

  • Delivered The President’s Plenary at APDIM 2020
  • > 25 national presentations related to diagnostic reasoning
  • Numerous NEJM clinical problem-solving publications
  • > 50 clinical problem-solving publications; Reza and Rabih
  • 30,000 downloads per episode
  • 143 countries
  • > 1 million website visits in less than 2 years


  • CPSolvers apps for the entire institution


  • CPSolvers apps for the entire institution
  • 2 annual lectures by Rabih & Reza
  • 2 exclusive Patreon episodes per month

Interested? Have questions? Email us at

The CPSolvers app allows instant access to an ever-increasing library of diagnostic schemas and illness scripts that touch on a broad range of medical topics. 

The app is used globally both as a diagnostic aid and a teaching guide – senior residents and faculty have used the app to teach learners in the hallways of the hospital.

The CPSolvers app allows for on-the-fly access to schemas for learners. In addition to on-the-fly access, once downloaded, all content can be accessed offline.

Here is the dyspnea schema as an example.

The personal version of the app currently costs $15. 

We anticipate that the price of the public facing version will continue to increase as we add more content. Soon, the institutional version of the app will have features that the personal version does not have, like the ability to annotate schemas or favorite the most used schemas. We will seek feedback from your learners to customize their experience on the institutional version of the app.

These lectures might include clinical unknowns presented by your learners to Rabih and Reza, facilitation of a case conference by Rabih and Reza, and/or scripted teaching related to diagnostic reasoning. The venue could be morning report, noon conference, and/or grand rounds. Rabih and Reza typically charge $1k per lecture. 

In these episodes Rabih and Reza present cases to each other. We charge $5 per month for 4 exclusive episodes.

Institutional access would offer 2 episodes a month, at a discounted rate of $1 per month/member

As example, 500 members = $500 per month x 12 months = $6,000 per year. Here is an example of these very high-yield episodes.

Institutions that have signed up for the premier package: